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at home

Hi! I've been away for so long. We welcomed our little girl Jane into the world two weeks ago and things around home have changed... the bed stays un-made a little longer, the days go by a little faster, the nights a little slower. We're in love with this sweet lady.

I'm making my way back into projects and blogging... little by little. In the meantime check out this nursery design my dear friend Caitlin put together for baby Jane. I had better get to work!

dear www,

I know my posts have been lacking. I'm sorry for my absence and the frozen state of my blog lately. My wheels have continued to spin, but my thoughts seem to revolve almost completely around preparations for the baby coming in... I just counted... 24 days (give or take). wow.

I have lists of the essentials and the just-in-case items. We are working on getting things pulled together so the little one will have a cozy spot to sleep when we bring him or her home. Hopefully something besides a dresser drawer. Admittedly, I also get caught up in the non-essentials (like spending an hour searching for a 2009 Stendig calendar, which I found!) But we are working on translating the lists to check-marks, and little by little I'm feeling more ready.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me while things remain a little slow around here. I will be in and out and hopefully back to steady posting before too long.

xo. Jill

p.s. In the meantime check out this delightful new blog that e-friend Kelli just started this week.

harvey faircloth

Good news! I just discovered that you can now shop Harvey Faircloth's debut collection on their website. Click here to start drooling.

The Native American jewelry... oh my.

stendig calendar

I love this creative way to document the first year of a child's growth... via ohdeedoh

creative office spaces

Don't you think every office should have a swing? See (many) more creative workspaces on This Ain't No Disco.

Maybe you have a space of your own to submit?

pattern city

Nikolas Schiller creates amazing patterns using aerial views of a city or building. These kaleidoscope-like images are fascinating to me. This would make a great art piece for your home if it was a location that really meant something to you.

hampton's beach house

This weekend I took an up-close tour of a beach house in the Hampton's designed by Mariette Himes Gomez.

My favorites features: the art (!!), the pillows, the enormous front porch, the abundance of sunshine, and close access to the beautiful beach. I get a little carried away taking pictures of architecture + interiors so prepare for an overload.

There is something irresistible about the ocean.

What every beach house needs... lots and lots of towels.

(You may recognize the house from this post.)


With a company name like Timorous Beasties, you're bound to find interesting products. In this case: wallpaper, fabrics, and window shades. Way too much damask for my liking, but there are some hidden gems.

jens risom

1950's Danish furniture designed by Jens Risom. I love the lines.

[ furniture listed on 1stDibs ]