to learn : crochet

[ images by sandra juto ]

Often when I see projects that involve drawing, printing, sewing, quilting, etc. I think to myself ... I could make that. The reality being that I don't have a clue where to start (on any of the above).

I want to make a blanket for the baby and I have been browsing a lot of styles/patterns, but I keep coming back to one.

This granny square pattern with the bright colors, isn't it great?

I'm enlisting the help of my friend Juliana who is an expert in all things yarn. I'm saying it will be a Christmas gift for the baby... so I don't feel pressured to finish it in the next three months.

If you see me on the subway, I'm the one with a crochet hook and a bag of yarn.

+ another beauty

[ blanket spotted on sfgirlbybay ]


Reno said...

I love this - so timeless and versatile. Maybe it's my latent fear of commitment, but I like the idea that two years from now, you could change up your color palette and it will still work.

Right on. We should have a yarn night.

Amber said...

guess what? matt's grandma is teaching me how to crochet! i've made a couple of hot pads and am working on a leper bandage, nothing like your beautiful blanket. someday maybe! i love all the bright colors and the pattern. love it. good choice. and good luck!

Kellie said...

so so beautiful. i want to learn to crochet too. and sew.

The Lil Bee said...

It is great...really great! This is one of my goals for the learn how to crochet with my mom. I better get started soon, huh? Baby needs a blanket.

Caitlin said...

I have seen these used in a couple of Jonathan Adler rooms. I think they add such a fun eclectic feel to the room.

wide open spaces said...

oh, the granny square. it is love for me too. i would learn to crochet for that lone project (especially b/c it would take em a lifetime!)

FancyPants-design said...

Love it! I was at a b-b-q yesterday and there were like 5 girls (including me) looking at a knitting book trying to figure out what to do. Two of them are surgeons and we still couldn't figure it out! ha! Not as easy as everyone who does this on the subway makes it look!

That blanket is so pretty! Sigh .. if I only had the patience..