a shoe of a different color

Brad's favorite shoes are his Onitsuka Tigers. He wears them almost constantly and raves about their comfort. This coming from a man who is very particular about his footwear. I love the rainbow of colors.

I'm thinking I should try a pair myself after his glowing endorsement. Women's styles here.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Amber said...

do they last for a long time? matt always buys adidas, but they really don't last as long as i think they should for the money. they are about the same price range as these. anyway, i'll have to tell him about them. thanks brad, and jill for posting it!

Kelly said...

I'm glad you posted this. Brad convinced Jacob he needed a pair while in Utah. Now I know where to find them. Thanks.

Kellie said...

"these shoes light up, these are really great shoes". ha, i do love these shoes! they are good looking, I want to get Nick (and me) a pair

Jenna said...

tigers are the. most. comfortable. shoes. in. the. world.


and they last forever. i wore my last pair all the way through college - through floods in vietnam, while hiking in greece, trekking through ruins in turkey, walking all over london, paris, new york. of course, they finally did wear down in the soles, but i can't bear to get rid of them - now they're my pottery-throwing shoes!