etsy diaper bags

I have been browsing the handmade goods on etsy for diaper bag options (there are more bags on that website than I ever imagined). These are some of my favorites:

+ double zipper crimson canvas bag
+ rietveld-esque colorful messenger bag
+ green grass messenger bag
+ citron junior flap bag

+ the strapped bag in white
+ double-pleated navy striped bag
+ mini-diaper bag in red canvas
+ gray canvas shoulder bag

+ double-pocket gray canvas bag
+ orange pleated messenger bag
+ nautical wide-strip tote
+ mini-diaper bag in tweed


paula said...

love all the choices. wish I knew about these a few years back.

Kellie said...

you can't go wrong with any of these :) and who says you can only get one?

linsey said...

stripes + straps= true love.

Amber said...

i wish i would have gotten one from there. now i'm to the point where i'm almost done so i might as well just hang on to the one i've got. i love all the ones you picked.

Tracie said...

I love the navy and white stripe one! Or is it black and white striped? But they are all darling.

Kelly said...

They have some cute options out there. I like the grey shoulder bag. (Last one, middle row.)