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I haven't been posting my weekly favorites, not for lack of them, but lately... they all seem to relate to food. I haven't experienced major cravings - but everything sounds good to me. This calls for a dedicated post to a few foodies around the web have made my mouth-water, in no particular order...

(1) ricotta doughnuts :: spotted on simplesong, recipe from galegand
(2) mango berry salad :: recipe by kelsey nixon on the
cafe zupas blog
(3) eggs, tomatoes, toast :: joslyn's fall-back meal on
raising foodies
(4) veggie cashew stir-fry :: from a new favorite erin on
(5) cilantro lime rice :: spotted on
wirewhisk, image from gina
(6) cinnamon monkey bread :: recipe from
the pioneer woman
(7) asparagus rice soup :: recipe on
(8) homemade tomato soup :: nienie's mouthwatering
(9) spring risotto :: shared by
stephmodo from the food network

We made the cinnamon monkey bread last night, I brought them into work today to keep myself from devouring the entire pan. It's not a healthy food item... but it's delicious.

The tomato soup is why I always have tomato puree in my pantry. It's a quick meal after work and can be paired with veggies or grilled cheese.

Three cheers for a growing recipe box! Thanks bloggers.


Amber said...

made my mouth water!

stephanie alaine said...

oh my goodness, totally delicious and totally organized, fun-to-read post. i love this!

Timothy & Kimberly Pettitt said...

umm...YUM! And that's all I have to say!

fresh365 said...

Thanks for the link! I agree that the tomato soup looks amazing. I will be trying this one soon!

Kellie said...

mmm number 2 and number 6 have me salivating :)