the things we do.

[ photo from the pioneer woman ]

I washed my hair in vinegar last night. I felt like a big potato chip. It was gross... but my hair feels bouncy today.

Thanks PW.


Kelly said...

I am trying this!!!! Although, I feel like my hair is just a lost cause.

andie said...

i wonder how long i could stand the smell...but i need some bounce!

Kellie said...

so how exactly does this you just comb it through? vinegar doesn't lather too well :)

Kathryn said...

Jill, you make me laugh.

And I love you, but did you really smell like a potato chip? I guess you probably did, huh? This made me giggle. :)

I'll try it. Some day. But in the meant time I'll stick to my clarifying Neutrogena shampoo once a week. It works great & smells wonderful. You've used it, right? Not as great as vinegar?

Jill said...

ha! yes i think this requires some explanation... because you're right, vinegar does not lather.

i mixed 1 part vinegar with 1 part water in a spray bottle. i put in a little bit of tea tree oil.

i did one round of shampoo. then i used the vinegar. i tried to really spray my roots. i ended up opening the bottle and pouring the rest on my hair after i sprayed the roots.

then i used shampoo again, and a lot of conditioner.

so i didn't smell like a potato chip AFTER the shower... just in the shower. :)

i do have the neutrogena shampoo in my shower, i use it regularly. but i really needed an overhaul.

Johanna said...

I enjoy your blog as well. :)
I've heard this works wonders. Perhaps I'll try it!

The Bentley Family and Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

Interesting! Is this just a curly hair pick me up or will it bouncify straight hair too?

Amber said...

well, if the smell doesn't linger I may have to give it a try. have you heard about using mayonnaise as a conditioner? Then I would feel like a sandwich with a pickle on the side. :)

citysage said...

How funny---I used apple cider vinegar as a facial toner this week, at the suggestion of my esthetician! I went to bed with the stuff on my face, and I'm not sure I'll repeat noticeable difference in my skin, but i did feel smell like a house salad!