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What do you get when you put 11 children in a room with several buckets of paint?

Isabelle emailed me from Sweden with her latest project, I was excited to watch the video of these kids sloshing around in wellies, safety glasses, and work gloves. Nothing could be cuter.

The project was installed at the Design Passion show in Stockholm, for the kids to play while their parents explored the design.

Check out the video of the installation, the end result is quite amazing!

Dos Kids - Design Passion 2009 from Dos Family on Vimeo.

When you're done you can check out DosFamily, a newly created design community blog in Sweden. Thank you Isabelle!


Kellie said...

oh man..what a mess! but it looks like a riot!

Amber said...

that's about what i would expect with that many kids and paint! fun though. :)

{lovely little things} said...

Woohoo, that looks like a blast!

Isabelle Halling McAllister said...

Thanks Jill!
It was so much fun doing it!
And the kids loves the room.
Keep up the great job with you blog!
Take care