the city doesn't have it all

For me, the worst part about living in a big city is being disconnected from nature. When we moved here I didn't realize how much I would miss things like grass, trees, and the smell of fresh dirt. NYC does have those things (ok, maybe not fresh dirt) but not in abundance. You don't get as much exposure to the natural world when you're living in a world of pavement, concrete, glass, and steel. I miss the mountains.

I read an article today from Architect Magazine about outdoor education being essential to architectural training and the desire to 'go green'. Which was an interesting point to me.

"Ironically, many of us working to protect the environment don't have much firsthand experience with it...How can we embrace nature when we rarely encounter it?"

"The optimal learning experience isn't in a classroom, it's a riverbed, or a meadow. Research shows that outdoor learning stimulates better health, alertness, and creativity, all at once."

I wholeheartedly agree. It is so rejuvenating to be outdoors, for body, mind, & spirit. I really want to make a better effort to connect, even in the city. I can get to the park more, and the to the beach. I can grow a herbs in little pots on my stoop. It seems that I'm shriveling on the inside when I just stare into the pixels of my computer screen all day.

One of my favorite places for inspiration is Soulemama. That family, they get outside in every season, no matter the weather, just to enjoy the beautiful world around them. To see their 'outdoors' pictures go to her flickr stream.

Yes, I realize that I'm rambling. I think I'm just very ready for spring. Full article from Architecture Magazine here.


Kellie said...

i agree. good post. i need to take advantage of the mountains and go hiking more this year

Kathryn said...

There is a little hidden wonder at the north end of Central Park, where for an hour, you can feel like you're in Upstate New York (or Utah). We even found a waterfall. It even SMELLS real. We'll have to go there sometime. Or just wander and try your very best to get lost. It's lovely.