put a star on it*

I'm playing catch up from a weekend away. Here are some of my favorite posts from last week, in no particular order...



(1) a chocolate research facility? where do I apply? :: oh joy!
(2) oh, to be on that dock :: jonathan canlas
(3) mav showed us how to make a beautiful scarf :: 3191
(4) I laughed until tears came watching this video :: oh happy day
(5) these cheerful reminders just might work for me :: please sir
(6) read this post, I printed it to keep :: lisa, the apron stage
(7) those shoes! in that color please :: darling dexter
(8) feeling inspired by this beautiful room on a goodwill budget ::
the city sage
(9) I feel an art project coming up :: seesaw designs


Kellie said...

i loved that bear video too--haha! and i'm really liking the vinyl 'be on time' letters under the clock; such a cute idea

Caitlin said...

I'm jealous of city sage. She must go to a magic goodwill! I'd love to see pics of any updates around your little home.

citysage said...

Thanks for the link love Jill! Glad you like my little corner (but honestly, you should see the rest of the house--not nearly as inspiring!)

Wish I still lived in NYC so we could hit up the hell's kitchen flea market! You'll have to go for me so I can live vicariously through you!


Amber said...

that bear video was funny! and the 'vacation' post was wonderful. I bookmarked it. And I agree, city sage must have the best goodwill around! they hit the jackpot!