wise little souls

[ image from Julia Alvarez on flickr ]


The single most important thing is to take time to listen to your children ... there's a wise little human soul in there, ageless in heart even while young in time.
- Cynthia Bourgeault via Goop -


Have I mentioned that I love, and I mean love, getting the Goop newsletter in my inbox? At first I thought the idea was strange, why did Gwenyth Paltrow start this... for branding purposes? I still haven't figured that out but I hope she keeps it up. I always find it inspiring. Today's email was about raising children and I thought it was fantastic, even without little ones of my own.

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Amber said...

it was, thanks for sharing!

Kellie said...

i need to sign up...

Lindsey said...

I enjoy Goop as well. And funny enough, I live in London and almost had my daughter join a soccer class just because I knew her son Moses was in it! I decided nap time was more important. :)

I really like your blog.

Jill said...

Thanks Lindsey! I'm so glad to have you.

I'm afraid I would want to attend those soccer matches just to spot them. And ask her why she started Goop of course. :)

p.s. I am a bit jealous of your London living, what a great city.

Michelle said...

I read that one too! even though I don't have kids, I like getting the emails too, but I feel kinda silly about it.