put a star on it*

I use google reader to follow blogs. One of the best features is the option to 'put a star' on a post that you like and want to reference again. Every week my 'starred items' list grows longer and I enjoy scrolling back through each post again.

I'm going to start doing a weekly post each Friday to share a few starred items from the week.


(1) homemade hummus recipe :: Armelle
(2) make your own window pelmets :: Chez Larsson
(3) Harry Potter got a makeover :: Black Eiffel
(4) I want to sail on the Maine Windjammer :: Cup of Jo
(5) simple French headboards :: Liz Galvin Design
(6) a great interview with Sixx Design :: Design Mom
(7) finally! repurposed mini-blinds :: Little Green Notebook
(8) a sweet strawberry valentine :: The Black Apple
(9) repurposed records at MAD :: Color Me Katie

If I started this last week, I would have shared this awesome bedroom re-do on Two Ellie. Be sure to check out the before & after.

Have a great weekend!


Kellie said...

this is a great idea. i loved looking at the before and after on two ellie. it makes me want to do some decorating in my room.

paula said...

what a fun idea. i can't wait to check out what you found!

.caroline armelle. said...

yay! glad my hummus post made the cut!

and, good idea. i do the same thing in bloglines and i have so many posts saved it's getting to be ridiculous

S. Bakr said...

those butterfly records are amazing.

Tina said...

loving the french headboards!

Mrs. B. said...

great idea!