thrifting :: salt lake city

The ladies in my family decided to start a tradition of after Christmas thrift shopping. We made our way to several stores in Salt Lake City, Utah for our inaugural shopping trip. Most of the stores were recommended by the great website Your Heart Out.

Elemente [ 353 Pierpont Avenue, 801.355.7400 ]

Our first and favorite stop. It had a great amount of furniture, lighting, and accessories in from the mid-century. My sister bought the yellow leather ottoman to go in front of her rocking chair.

Moriarty's Antiques [959 South West Temple, 801.521.7207 ]

An expansive warehouse filled with booths of knick-knacks and furniture dangling from the rafters. They have a great collection of vendors selling so you will see plenty of variety.

The Green Ant [ moving downtown soon, 801.595.1818]

This was one of my favorite shops when we lived in Salt Lake City. They have an incredible collection of modern furniture which is constantly rotating. Their sales right now are incredible because they are moving at the end of the month to a downtown location.

p.s. can you spot the friendly bull dog?


Amber said...

sounds like a great tradition. love the ottoman.

angela hardison said...

My sister took me to the Green Ant when I was visiting... a great place. And you're right, the dog is super friendly (my little niece was in heaven).

Catherine said...

Wow there are so many things here, those christmas baubles are gorgeous and the Green Ant looks brilliant! Great idea for a new tradition.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What great places--I see several items that would love to hang out with my yard sale Heywood Wakefield chair!

Sine family said...

So what did you buy? I"m sure it was agreat have an eye for great finds.

Kelly said...

Jill I need you to take me thrift shopping!!!

citysage said...

Wow---I can't believe the selection of pieces here. Makes me want to get in the car and drive 12 hours to salt lake RIGHT NOW!

That vintage modern store is especially sweet. you never find stuff that good here in the bay area, what with so many design snobs (guilty as charged!) snapping them up and driving up the prices!

Kellie said...

that was such a fun day. we're going to have to go more than once a year!