refinishing a desk: part 1

Our search for a desk continued this weekend.

(1st) stop: the upper west side Housing Works Thrift Shop. Lucky for us, we found a desk! It was buried under piles of frames and dishes, but we could tell it was a gem.

The style was simple with straight legs and two drawers, the size was great, and the price was right at $75.

(2nd) stop: Google, How to refinish furniture?

(3rd) stop: our local hardware store to stock-up on supplies.

I took pictures of our progress yesterday (sorry, not the best quality):

We spent most of the day/night working our fingers to the bone with scraping, sanding, scraping, sanding. Originally we planned on painting it, but it turns out the wood is beautiful so we are going to stain it.

Our apartment is covered in dust but we're making progress. At one point Brad said, "This is all part of being married to an interior designer." What a good sport.

Part 2 coming soon, hopefully.


{Liz Galvin} said...

What a fun project! What a good husband! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Amber said...

Love it! It looks great. When you're finished do you want to finish my glider for my baby nursery that has been in progress for about 3 years?! pathetic I know. I'm not a fan of refinishing furniture.

Kellie said...

wow! huge fan of the desk--it's so great! it's looking really good already!

Laura said...

Beautiful wood grain. What kind of wood do you think it is?

Caitlin said...

we really are kindred spirits you and I. Housings works come through again. Love that place. I can't wait to see the finished product.

.caroline armelle. said...

can't wait to see the finished product. i just love refinishing old things to use again... it's my kind of "recycling!"

Penny said...

What a great find! It will be fun to see the finished product.

Michelle said...

Oh how cool, it is a pretty talbe.